Month: March 2017

Sweet Dreams: The Haunted Bed of North Carolina’s Executive Mansion

North Carolina’s Executive Mansion, also known as the Governor’s Mansion, is located in Downtown Raleigh.  The stunning city-block sized building on Blount Street began it’s construction in 1883, and was built mainly using Prison Labor.  The mansion is built from natural materials found in North Carolina, meaning a lot of red brick.  One fascinating piece…

The Legend of the Leprechaun

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Several of our members here at Association of Paranormal Study are very interested in Irish folklore, so we thought we’d discuss the legend of the Leprechaun today! According to Irish fables, the Leprechaun is a tiny entity that normally takes the form of a miniature version of an old man wearing…

When Ghosts Go Dormant

Oftentimes, when dealing with cases, a client will have an active case. Then, right before we come in, the activity stops. For the sake of terminology, we usually say that the activity is dormant, especially in a situation where, as far as we know, no resolution was enacted. This could mean a few different things….