A first hand account from APS CORE member, Beth!

I saw something that could only be described as a UFO (in the literal sense of the word) a few weeks ago. And I’m not big into all that, as y’all know.

It was Sunday night, August 6th, 2017 about 9:45pm at night on New Bern Ave and I was driving towards Raleigh from Knightdale near the Wal-Mart on New Bern. It looked like a plane at first.  Two lights, equal distance apart.  No blinking lights like a plane though.  And the two lights were on a diagonal plane almost vertical – the way a plane’s lights would look like if it were banking.  But it was flying straight.  It was very fast. I was going about 45 miles per hour and the lights were keeping up with the car, so not a satellite or space debris.  

I watched it for about 30 seconds outside my windshield.  Then the front light went off, almost like it went behind a cloud, but the second light stayed on, so obviously not a cloud.  I lost sight of it behind the trees.

It was extremely weird.  I know planes, as I grew up in an aviation family.  This wasn’t a plane. Again, only using UFO in the true sense that it was an unidentified flying object…  Who knows beyond that…  But it was really strange.

What do you think Beth saw? Tell us in the comments! If you’re in Raleigh and you saw something similar, be sure to let us know!