Month: April 2018

The Difference Between Real Life Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunting on TV

Greetings from Williamsburg, VA! I must say that the entertainment industry seems to be taking a step back from paranormal reality TV. I don’t really want to spend a significant amount of time on this blog bashing it, because ghost hunting shows aren’t really trying to show truth. They are trying to sell something. They…

Spooks or Spoons? Why Restaurants Can Be Haunted

When I lived in RI, I worked in a modest restaurant located at a crossroads. Gregg’s was  a popular destination for nearby Brown University students, families and local businesses. A bright, sunny two-story eatery, it had splashy Leroy Neiman paintings, cream-colored leather booths, an ever-rotating desert case on the first floor, a well stocked bar…

Is the Paranormal Field Changing History?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with a historian and talk history. What else would we talk about, right? Besides friendly banter, I am always up to talk to an expert in their field. Sure, we do a decent job with the historical research and keeping up with the facts….