Author: Jenny Edwards

The Magic of the Solstice: Aliens, Giants, or Magic?

As I write this, the winter solstice fast approaches. My friends, most of whom celebrate Christmas, are on-line, grabbing one last gift for the kid, the hubby, the neighbor who unexpectedly RSVP’d to the holiday party… Personally, I’m in hibernation mode and behind on everything. Including this blog, the deadline for which has long passed….

Durham is a Stranger Thing

Let’s Talk about Stranger Things I assure you this article contains no spoilers for season three. I do, however, talk about the connections of the series to the Paranormal, so if you’ve never seen any episodes, you will get a glimpse of what it’s about. However, I don’t think I’m ruining any of the plot…

The Legend of Gray Man

Much of the APS Team lives in North Carolina, and you’ve probably guessed by now that we are all carefully watching the path of Hurricane Florence. As I write this, she has taken a slight turn south, and we here in the center of the state may be spared the full onslaught we had feared….

Why I Think the Ghost of Gina Hall Is Seen at St. Albans Sanatorium

Whoops. We created a little bit of a stir with our article about Gina Renee Hall and St. Albans, even though it was published several years ago. The first author made a factual error, and several of our loyal followers have pointed it out. Thanks, loyal followers! We do pride ourselves in our accuracy and…