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The Thin Veil

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is upon us, followed by the day of the dead. I’ve heard from psychics, witches, healers, ministers and paranormal investigators throughout the years; the veil is thin this time of year. Yes, I have had experiences this time of year and every other time of the year….

Stones & Their Uses in the Paranormal

Many of us are drawn to the beauty of natural stones. Their physical qualities are strongly desired and can embellish any outfit, piece of jewelry or mood. But did you know that crystals hold powers that are far beyond the physical realm? For thousands of years stones have been used in everything from Occult rituals…

Cleansing: Much More Than Smudging

Written by Cassandra Grounding? Cleansing? Smudging? What are these words and why do they matter? You may have just visited our page on a whim…or maybe you’re an experienced paranormal investigator.  Either way the subject of clearing out the negative in your life is relevant to all of us. I’m going to give you a…