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Episode 1 – Ghost Hunting in People’s Homes

Download File | Play in New Window | Duration: 33:29 Subscribe Spreaker| Spotify| Apple Podcasts| Google Podcasts In this episode, APS Core members Alex, Jenny, and Donna talk about what brought them into the paranormal and helping people deal with their hauntings in their homes.

Phantom Noises

Happy 2015! So, I had the pleasure of talking with Adam from the YouTube series, AnythingSTRANGE, and chatting with him about APS, different paranormal experiences, and my upcoming projects. One of the things that came up was a phantom noise I heard while at the El Campo Santo Cemetery in Old Town, San Diego, California….

APS Searches For the Holiday Spirit

LOCAL PARANORMAL TEAM SEARCHES FOR THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT Association of Paranormal Study to host toy drive for local non-profit  RALEIGH, NC –Association of Paranormal Study (APS) is pleased to announce that they are taking a giant leap forward towards their mission of public education and community enrichment with the event, “Ghosts of Christmas Presents”, which…