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Ghostly Customer Service

What is customer service and what does that have to do with ghost hunting? I’m so glad you asked. The Collins Dictionary defines customer service as “The way companies behave towards their customers. For example, how well they treat them.” Now I know every one of us has horror stories (no pun intended…yet) and stories that…

In the End

When listening to people talk about the death of their loved ones and the possibility of life after death, I always hear the same type of statement, “Until we meet again”, “When I see you again”, etc. I have heard this from every person from super religious individuals to atheists. It confuses me because the…

The Thin Veil

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is upon us, followed by the day of the dead. I’ve heard from psychics, witches, healers, ministers and paranormal investigators throughout the years; the veil is thin this time of year. Yes, I have had experiences this time of year and every other time of the year….