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Developing My Gifts: The Story of How I Became a Psychic Medium

Do you have abilities?  Can you see and communicate with spirit? Do you see energy and auras? Can you read thoughts?  Look at an item or hold an item and tell that person’s story?  I too have these abilities and more. From the Beginning When I was six years old, we lived in an older…

In the End

When listening to people talk about the death of their loved ones and the possibility of life after death, I always hear the same type of statement, “Until we meet again”, “When I see you again”, etc. I have heard this from every person from super religious individuals to atheists. It confuses me because the…

Poltergeist: Mind or Ghost Presentation 8/26/17

Here is the video from today’s presentation: For those of you who missed today’s presentation or are curious about my notes, you can find the slide show below: