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Our Fascination with ITC

Ghost boxes, shack hack radios, Frank’s Box, Echovox, oh my! Instrumental Trans-Communication, better known as ITC. If you’re involved in the paranormal community and/or investigating, you’ve probably seen this term A LOT and might have even participated in said practice. ITC is a technique of using electronic means to communicate with ghosts. In this day…

Spirit Communication at the Brunswick Heritage Museum

In August 2016, a few CORE members made a 5 hour drive from Raleigh, NC to Brunswick, MD to investigate the Brunswick Heritage Museum! The town grounds date back to pre-Revolutionary War and played a big role in the Civil War as well. It is nestled right along the Potomac River and next to a…

Phantom Noises

Happy 2015! So, I had the pleasure of talking with Adam from the YouTube series, AnythingSTRANGE, and chatting with him about APS, different paranormal experiences, and my upcoming projects. One of the things that came up was a phantom noise I heard while at the El Campo Santo Cemetery in Old Town, San Diego, California….