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Cats in the Paranormal

Cats are quite popular. In fact, most of the APS Core team are proud crazy cat ladies, present company included. But what is it about our furry feline friends that makes them so irresistible and cute? All they need to do is look at you with their gorgeous big eyes, and you are instantly smitten…

The Legend of Gray Man

Much of the APS Team lives in North Carolina, and you’ve probably guessed by now that we are all carefully watching the path of Hurricane Florence. As I write this, she has taken a slight turn south, and we here in the center of the state may be spared the full onslaught we had feared….

Selkies: The Other Kind of Mermaid

Researching lore of different cultures is another area of research that I feel is important if we were to understand why hauntings and myths exist. From sightings of Nessie to understanding why paranormal activity is occurring in a certain area. Often, this ends up with me going down some sort of rabbit hole where I…