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Book Review: “The Ghost Studies” by Brandon Massullo

I love any and all things paranormal. Whether it be related to cryptozoology, hauntings, religion or ufology, if it’s anything mysterious or spooky, down the rabbit hole I will go. One thing I love most about the paranormal community is that people love to share their stories, opinions and ideas. That’s why I always jump…

Poltergeist: Mind or Ghost Presentation 8/26/17

Here is the video from today’s presentation: For those of you who missed today’s presentation or are curious about my notes, you can find the slide show below:

Carl Jung’s Contribution to Paranormal Study

Carl Gustav Jung was born in Switzerland on July 26th 1875. His grandfather was a physician of the same name and who was, at one time, rumored to be the illegitimate son of the, then famous poet, Goethe (Feist, Feist & Roberts, 2013). His father was a Protestant Clergyman with whom Carl rarely saw eye…