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The Legend of Gray Man

Much of the APS Team lives in North Carolina, and you’ve probably guessed by now that we are all carefully watching the path of Hurricane Florence. As I write this, she has taken a slight turn south, and we here in the center of the state may be spared the full onslaught we had feared….

Johnny Cash’s Haunted Mansion & the White Witch of Rose Hall

Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, were two of the most iconic stars in the music business. They have forever embedded their legacy into our pop culture and society thanks to their music and charity work. While we got a glimpse of their personal lives through various interviews and the hit movie, “Walk…

Alexander Hamilton: Haunting More than the Theatre

If you know me as well as another APS member, Beth, then you’re probably thinking, “It was only a matter of time before APS talked about Hamilton’s ghost.” Truthfully, I wanted to cover Hamilton for a while, especially after Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical took off. I have alway had a fascination for hauntings that surrounded…