All ghosts have a story to tell. Are you willing to listen?

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If you are fascinated by the occurrence of paranormal activity, then Informal Paranormal is just the show for you. This is a unique podcast, unlike any other paranormal shows. We will uncover everything that makes your imagination run wild. From ghosts to aliens, demons, the bigfoot, and human hybrids, cryptozoology, and lore.

We will expose all the information to you, not just in theory but through valid knowledge and evidence so that you can judge for yourself. Our director, Alex, is no stranger to the world of paranormal radio. From producing and hosting shows like Paranormal Insider Radio, ParaNation Radio, and The Wicked Domain, Alex was ready to do something with APS. Joined by the rest of the Core team, these ladies bring their experience, knowledge, and zany humor to the table. When you combine these elements, you have a wonderfully entertaining paranormal podcast!