Case Submissions

Our CORE team members consist of business professionals, teachers, medical students, military, and many more from all walks of life.  As an investigation team, we are a solutions-based group that does not charge for our services. This means that not only will we assess your haunting, collect evidence, and try to figure out what it is, but also find a solution where you are comfortable with the outcome and you can be at peace.

Please give us 24-48 hours to respond to your case submission.  You will be contacted by either a team director or case manager for more information regarding your case, any questions we may have, and when would be the best time to come to your home or business for a walk through and investigation, if needed.

You will be asked to sign paperwork stating that APS has your permission to be there, and you will also be advised on how to prepare your home for the investigation.

Thank you for considering APS as your investigation team of choice and we look forward to talking to you!