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Are Hauntings Just Meant to Be Experienced?

This may seem like an odd post considering APs is so centric in research and data collecting. But, hear me out. Right now, we live in a society where we are always looking down on our phones or watching the world through a computer. That has translated into how we investigate the paranormal. While I…

Is Modern Day Ghost Hunting & Investigating Disrespectful?

This perhaps may be an armchair critic rant, but given the amount of teams I’ve been working with in terms of consulting for them or doing classes and I’ve been noticing a trend. Now, this is merely an observation that I would honestly love to get input on for anyone who wants to pitch in…

Tonight 10/24

Hello everyone,  Tonight I will be on Strange Times USA‘s online radio show talking about APS and other fun paranormal topics.  Please tune in at 8pm PST at this link: