We’re always curious about what you want to know abou ghost hunting. One of the most common questions we get is whether or not we’re more open to being haunted because we ghost hunt. We received a great question on the Facebook page from Sara D., who asked,

From my own personal research, I have found many share the view that by actively participating in the paranormal (ie: investigating, ganzfeld experiment) or the occult (ie seances, ouija boards) you open yourself up more spiritually and make it easier for spirits to “notice” you. Others say that it doesn’t happen and you shouldn’t worry about it. So, what is it? Be concerned or not?

What is my answer to this?  Yes.  We should respect these methods and devices because they have the potential to be powerful tools.

Respect the Ghost Hunt

First, I will address ghost hunting.  Paranormal investigation, or ghost hunting, can be a stressful situation, even if it is enjoyable. Your awareness of the unknown is heightened. You might wonder if spirits are really following you. Or are you senses heightened to the point where anything that moves is a shadow/ghost/spirit?

I know for me, I seem to keep an extra eye open. I tend to notice my surroundings in greater detail than I did before I began my ghost hunt.  I believe that when you start ghost hunting, especially cases involving malevolent beings, it is possible that they will notice you and know who you are. Of course, the skeptic in me will reassure you that it is always in your head.

Look at it this way; when you approach an investigation and you ask for communication with spirits, they should know who you are. How often do ghosts talk to strangers? Well, these days…often. I try to introduce myself so we’re acquainted. If you’re concerned with being followed or attacked, I know investigators who do protection rituals. I make it very clear that they cannot harm me or follow me.

A Favorite Investigation Method

One of my favorite communication methods is the Ganzfeld Experiment. It’s such a fascinating element of parapsychology.  Does the Ganzfeld Experiment open yourself up to experience things you couldn’t in your everyday life?  Maybe. I’ve seen some amazing hits when it’s been in use between two living people.  Does it permanently leave you vulnerable to psychic and spiritual phenomenon?  Ehhhh…I don’t think so.

Does participating in this leave a permanent bullseye for any spirit to notice you and possibly go after you?  I doubt it, but I would certainly love to talk to someone about it who knows more than I do.

Seances & Ouija Boards

When it comes to things like seances and ouija boards, that is another ballgame.  Or is it?

When investigating, you are asking for communication.  With seances and ouija boards you are requesting communication.  It’s a fine line, but I believe there is a difference. That fine line is often blurred.  Seances come in many forms.  The word, “seance”, comes from the French term, “sitting” or “seat.” It rose in popularity when Spiritualism broke out.  There is something to be said sitting in a circle with other people trying to communicate with spirits, especially through a medium.

With ouija boards, I have a great respect for them but I doubt they work. I feel a lot of the experiences people have can be easily explained with self-fulfilling prophecies. I’ve heard and experienced too many negative things tied with a ouija board, especially when it comes to the disposal of one (always bury, never burn). But again, is it all in our heads? Ouija boards are typically associated with bringing in an inhuman spirit.  What else is funny is that ouija boards are sold in toy stores and made by Milton Bradley.  There are also ouija board necklaces being sold. What it all comes down to is that the ouija board has as much power as you allow it.

The Power of the Board

Technically you don’t even need to buy a ouija board, you can draw a board on a piece of paper or napkin and go from there.  It’s that simple.  Ouija boards are made by toy companies. For believers, they have to wonder what happened to the respect of the possibility that these things can do potential harm? Wearing a necklace with a ouija board shouldn’t be a fashion accessory or seen as cute.  That could open you up for potentially negative activity as well. This isn’t particularly my opinion, but I know many who believe this.

Is there a safe way to use a ouija board?  Definitely.  If you are concerned with something attached to you, look into various ways of protecting yourself. There is a fine line between not protecting yourself and building a wall so thick that you cut yourself off from any activity.  Where do we draw the line?  It’s hard to distinguish.

I also suggest doing as much research as you can into the history of the Ouija board and look into other spirit boards. It could be you’re more attracted to an angel board, or something else all together.

How to Stay Safe During an Investigation

When you decide to investigate the paranormal, you need to make sure you do what you can to stay safe while still allowing yourself to experience activity. At least for me, the longer I do this, I actually do less protection because I’ve been able to debunk a lot while on the field. Rarely do I activate some kind of grounding and shielding exercises for myself. I’m ghost hunting for purposes of collecting data and documentating the experiences of others. I don’t know if this makes me particularly noticeable to spirits anymore, but I’m okay with being a wallflower, even to ghosts.