A few nights ago I took part in the Ganzfeld Experiment with the rest of the APS team. I did a little bit of pre-session research about what it was all about and must admit that I was a little skeptical about the experiment but went through it with a completely open-minded approach. I’ve always believed that in this vast world full of mysteries of different sorts and
wonder…ANYTHING is possible.

We conducted the experiment at my apartment, a place where numerous occult rituals have taken place over the course of the nearly 8 years I have been living there. And although I don’t recall ever having any sort of paranormal/unexplainable occurrences happening there, given the nature of some of the activities, who knows what sort of element could be awakened or tapped into (if any) while partaking in the Ganzfeld Experiments.

As I was undergoing the experiment, I felt totally at ease and relaxed…almost meditative
as the white noise permeated through my head and I focused on the soft pinkish hue. Although I did not receive any vivid images, I did see occasional shadowy type movements. To me, it wasn’t anything unnerving, scary or anything like that… just a natural part of the experiment
from what I learned later and I felt totally at ease and mellow.

Although no vivid visions came this time around, I did get thoughts about different subjects during the “sender/receiver” sessions, and surprisingly guessed a topic that Jay was sending while I was the subject.

I definitely welcome future opportunities to once again participate in the Ganzfeld Experiment and may even consider incorporating the experiment into different areas in order to see just how effective it can be.