How does a spirit medium work on a residential case? How should a medium work with those who are yearning to hear from their deceased loved ones?

This is my experience.

Since coming into my abilities, I have helped some people with deceased loved ones and communication. When preparing to go into a situation, I ask that no information be given to me. I ask that the people involved walk with me through the home or establishment. I ask that they confirm what is true and right and let me know if something is wrong.

I have found that if spirit does not want to be seen or heard, they will not present themselves to you. I also know that they talk about things that some family members and friends may not know about. Most of the time, they do want to get a message to their loved ones. Before I even leave my home on the way to help someone, I ask God to let the interactions go well and for the information that is needed to be heard be clear. This helps me communicate with the spirit, as well as compassionately handle the family members. Some people are very excited to hear from the spirit and may even cry, and some are scared but want to know but they may be kind of stand offish.

I recently visited and friend’s mom’s house while her Mom was in the hospital, and her deceased Dad began telling me what he wanted the kids to have and what needed to be sold when their Mom passed on. I told her to take inventory as we walked through the house. She was amazed that everything I told her was true and those she did not know about she would ask her mother.

Her Mom returned home from the hospital and rehab two months after my first walk through and wanted me to come talk to her. As we walked in the Dad began hugging the Mom and saying how much he loved her. I stated to the Mom that he loved her very much and he always let her know that. At this point she was in tears and said how much she missed him.

She wanted to know if he went to Heaven? He said yes and that he had come back to wait for her. Not that she was going anytime soon, but that he was watching over her. He wanted her to take time to travel and spend time with family because she needed to reconnect. He is scared of her health condition and wanted her to take it easy. To which she replied that she would continue to work part-time until she could not work anymore. He replied “stubborn”. She said that he called her that all the time. I showed her a few things he wanted her to keep as well as a picture of the two of them that was his favorite, and that he wanted it to be in her coffin with her. She said she understood that because it was his favorite picture of them.

Finally, I usually do not hold back too much on what spirit is communicating. But if I notice that the recipient is not handling it well, I will stop and let them process what they have been given and come back at another time to give the rest of the message.