It was late at night, and I couldn’t sleep. I heard the crashing in my living room once again. My cats were alert, but they didn’t dare leave my bedroom to investigate. That’s how I knew what it was. Well, I didn’t know for sure what it was, but it scared me, and it wasn’t natural. As I crept down the hallway to my living room, chills ran down my spine and the hairs on my neck stood us. As I looked in the darkest corner, I could see it. The two beady eyes in the dark stared back at me. It wanted me out of bed. It wanted me to know it was there. In all my rage and fear, I shouted, “You are NOT welcome here! This is MY home, not yours! Leave right now!”

But it didn’t work. As my rage and fear grew, it seemed to get more powerful. What was going on?

I had been stressed out for several months, and my mental wellbeing was wearing thin. I was constantly exhausted, and the strange things happening in my home seemed random. But it wasn’t until I spoke to my team psychic that I realized that what was “haunting” me was actually coming from ME. What I mean is, with all of the stress I had been dealing with, I had managed to create my own entity. In Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, this is called a “tulpa.” It is created using thought. Though it wasn’t created intentionally to be a ghost that haunted my place, it was the cumulation of all of my stress and anxiety. Because my thoughts had been pretty dark, especially after the passing of my mother, all those thoughts and feelings manifested into something that attacked me on a nightly basis.

As it turns out, a lot of our clients are dealing with similar situations. They are dealing with an immense amount of stress and dealing with it with alcohol, drugs, food, anything to self-soothe. Many times, they are also neglecting to take their medications and taking care of themselves overall. When we have cases like this, I tell the client that there is only so much we can do as a team before the client has to step in to work on the rest.

How did I deal with my tulpa? I started meditating and praying every day. I started eating better and seeing my doctor regularly. Plus, I started exercising and doing something each day that made me happy that would be a healthy choice. Is it the perfect plan? No. But by working on myself from the outside in, I noticed the nightly occurrences reduced gradually until it went away. Do I think it’s permanently gone? No. There are times where I get emotional and upset and I “sense” that nasty thing is around to feed off of my negative energy.

If you don’t believe in thoughtforms, tulpas, or weird stuff in general, perhaps it’s all in my head. But that thing seemed to be the representation of all of my stress. By accepting that my behavior was a form of harming myself, and that I was responsible for it, it gave me the wake up call I needed to get my life back on track.

In closing, when there was peace within myself, my surroundings became peaceful as well.