Paranormal investigators have the privilege of being able to explore some of the most historic locations in the world. We have the opportunity to try to communicate with the spirits that reside in these locations. Depending on where you are at financially and geographically, sometimes you can only visit a place once. However, you can’t nail down the cause of a phenomenon with only one visit.

If you have the opportunity, you might take advantage of visiting a place multiple times. This can be one of the most beneficial things you can do as a paranormal investigator. Let’s break down the reasons why.

#1 You Can Track Patterns

This is my favorite part of investigating a location multiple times. I can keep track of consistent occurrences. For example, if something happens at 3:00 AM every morning, I can keep track of the incident. For example, if there’s a consistent response from the ghost to a certain question or action, multiple investigations can keep track of the consistencies. If the consistency stops, we can dive in and look at why.

I highly recommend journaling your investigations. This is so you can track consistencies. If you can replicate conditions that have produced a paranormal experience, that’s awesome!

#2 You Can Debunk the Legends

Remember that 3:00 AM incident I mentioned earlier? I can also try to debunk that incident. Maybe it’s a truck that drives by the location on its regular route. Or, perhaps the reason why people feel vertigo on the third floor of the haunted house is that there’s uneven ground. Of course, you might be able to knock out a bunch of this on your first visit. But multiple visits give you time to hear the legends, maybe experience said legend, and then try to debunk it after further study.

#3 You Have More Time to Research

I’m an investigator that researches quite deeply before an investigation. However, I’m not the norm. I know of other investigators that will research after to compare their encounters with history. When you investigate one location multiple times, you have the opportunity to dive deeper into history and do more follow up. The one concern I’ve seen from others is that the research can create a bias with the investigation team and it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, so to speak. I partially disagree, as I believe if the team possesses adequate critical thinking skills and have self-awareness of the bias, it shouldn’t be a major problem. Basically, keep an open mind and check yourself periodically.

#4 You Can Try New Things

Sticking to the same thing over and over could result in a more stagnant investigation that will eventually make you feel stuck.

Once you’ve investigated a place once, you can try different things to stir up activity. Instead of asking the same old “introduction style” questions, you can ask more personal questions. You can research different things from the history your ghost is from like music, a game, or some kind of toy or accessory. It’s all about trial and error.

#5 You Build Relationships

To me, this might be the most important of all. Not only are you building rapport and relationships with the owners of the haunted location, but you’re also building rapport with the ghosts that haunt the place. I’ve investigated a few locations more than a dozen times, and often it feels like visiting old friends.

Not only do you get to know the ghosts at the location, but they will get to know you as well. On that note, you don’t always have to keep asking the ghosts about themselves. You can talk about yourself and your teammates. Share your story. On many occasions, I’ve found that the ghosts are just as interested in us as we are in them.

Do you think it’s a good idea to investigate a location more than once? Share your thoughts!