Association of Paranormal Study was founded September 2011. APS is a dedicated group of paranormal investigators striving to seek the truth and always keeping the client’s best interest. Keep in mind that we are not scientists or psychologists, however, we are passionate about the paranormal and strongly desire to collect thought-provoking evidence to bring back to the scientific community and skeptics of the paranormal. We will call in professionals pending our budget and availability for second opinions and help in cleansings, blessings, explanations, etc. We are currently accepting new cases in the San Diego Country and Southern California region. If you are being disturbed by an unknown entity and want answers and a resolution, please email for more information on case submissions. We do not charge to investigate. The mission of APS is to help our community with the paranormal and seeking the best possible solution to the client.APS is now starting to accept case submissions for investigations in the San Diego and Southern California region. Please email at: for more information