Interviews are under way for our quest to have new members join APS.  To bring back the nostalgia, the first time I (Alex) met with my dear friends, Tyler and Grace, and we decided to form a paranormal group.  We met at Lestat’s Coffee Shop on Adams Avenue and that’s where I’m having interviews on Monday.  Tyler got orders to Whidbey Island and he and Grace have to leave in a few weeks.  So APS is still a brand-new, budding paranormal team.  This had been a dream of mine for years and I’m so excited to meet these new people and hopefully have them join the team.

What does APS believe in? Everything.  My goal for this group is to respect all religions, beliefs and views of the paranormal.  We won’t only take cases from Christians or shun those who don’t believe in Hell.  We will take on cases regardless of your religious belief and my goal is to have my entire team come from different backgrounds and beliefs.

As I told a potential member, we are an investigative team whose mission is to help people with the paranormal experiences.  We come in, interview the clients, take a tour of the house, spend the night while recording evidence and attempt communication and try to find the best solution for the client.  If we run into a case where we need outside help, we will get it, whether it’s bringing in a psychic, a priest, counselor, etc.  We all come from different backgrounds.  We’re not thrill seekers, we want to help people.  We don’t charge money to investigate and this is a volunteer based position.  We would like to have meetings once a week but we’re currently interviewing people and we’ll see how it all goes from there.  It may be bi-monthly…who knows.  I won’t know the group dynamic until we are all formed and assembled.  Now, we will go on group field trips once in a while just for fun and for team bonding.  I’m already looking into a few places.

Now, who exactly am I?  What makes me qualified to investigate?  I’ll give you the answer.  I’ve had brushes with the paranormal my whole life.  While my family accepted the reality of the paranormal, it didn’t go far from there.  After I survived a near-death experience, I became even more interested and proactive in investigating the paranormal.  I tagged along on investigations with groups I found online, attended conferences and I have a wonderful para-family who are there for support and advice as I need it.  I recently took some classes on the paranormal and technology this summer.  And I will be taking a course on demonology starting soon.  Investigating alone isn’t enough to arm yourself with the knowledge to face the unknown.  The field is always changing and the field is dense, and therefore, you have

to read, listen and contribute your own ideas and collaborate with your para-family.  Along with the classes, I started to expand my personal library on the paranormal.  Since I’m taking the demonology course, I finished reading Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin.  I’m currently working on The Demonologist by Gerald Brittle.  As time goes on, I’ll continue to post what I’m reading in hopes that my team will follow suit as well as those who are watching us on the internet.

By Gerald Daniel Brittle

By Malachi Martin

If you are in the San Diego area and are interested in joining Association of Paranormal Study, then please send an email to

If I’m interviewing you this week, I look forward to meeting you!