Ghost boxes, shack hack radios, Frank’s Box, Echovox, oh my! Instrumental Trans-Communication, better known as ITC. If you’re involved in the paranormal community and/or investigating, you’ve probably seen this term A LOT and might have even participated in said practice. ITC is a technique of using electronic means to communicate with ghosts. In this day and age, that pretty much means a good chunk of our equipment is ITC. But when I see ITC, I typically think of spirit boxes, ghost boxes, and Shack Hacks (radio sweeping), Echovox, audio collection, and video capture. Granted, there are others who have pioneered other ways of spirit communication that include fire, water, etc. but would those be included in ITC? For me, since they don’t include electronics, I say no. But I could be way wrong.

This is also the time for me to say that I’m incredibly skeptical of anything ITC related. But wait, aren’t you a paranormal investigator? Yes. But if I don’t remain skeptical, I’m not going to make any progress as an investigator. I’m not going to give you a lecture about how ITC can be flawed because someone else already wrote something much better than I could ever do that can be found right here. Yet, I can’t help but be captivated by the cultural fascination with ITC. In fact, it has become so popular that people are spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on equipment these days, perhaps not realizing they’re paying 4 times the value of the actual product. By the way, having tons of fancy gadgets doesn’t make you a legitimate investigator, especially if you don’t know how it all works. If you can’t tell me what your device’s original purpose is, you won’t be able to understand how it will capture anomalies. But that’s another blog for another time.

Now, it’s also time for me to admit that I’ve had some pretty incredible experiences with the P-SB7 spirit box. It’s actually happened twice. Someone very personal came through to a team member in 2016, and then someone came through in 2017. Now, last I checked, the radio stations in Gettysburg weren’t going to pick up this person’s voice throughout the different channels. I’m not going to go into details in public, but I’ll be more than happy to talk about it privately. I don’t know how the occurrence happened, and I can’t explain it. This person coming through was the last thought in my mind when I was standing on the second floor of an old house in Gettysburg. I know the skeptics reading will not believe me, and that’s okay. I’m more than happy to talk about it. I’ve read the articles debunking the ghost box, and I know what signs to look out for that it’s just a channel. I can’t promise you’ll be able to change my mind because…and I HATE SAYING THIS: You weren’t there. I’m cringing because it’s the one statement I get from others when I question their data. I read articles and blogs on this topic all the time because debunking is something I enjoy doing because it redirects us onto the right path of paranormal research. If we stop acknowledging the fluff and garbage, it might lead us to some answers/explanations. So, that’s my experience with ITC.

Does this mean you need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on equipment? No. And I strongly suggest you don’t. Because our fascination with ITC is so strong, people are willing to shell out a pretty penny to buy into the fad. But, we are a society of technology, and I doubt we’ll be going back to the old-fashioned seances anytime soon.

Finally, I wanted to take a different route with this blog and ask you what YOUR thoughts are on ITC? Do you think it’s a legitimate method of data collection?