Remember how the news exploded over reports that Bigfoot was spotted in McDowell County, North Carolina? Well, it turns out that it was a shaman named  Gawain McGregor wearing animal skins. When the news first broke that Bigfoot was spotted in the Appalachian Mountains, I couldn’t help but feel skeptical. But others literally freaked out to the point where police in South Carolina had to ask people to not shoot it because it was most likely a person in a suit. But the Facebook group, Bigfoot 911, which is dedicated to looking for Bigfoot claims that McGregor couldn’t have been the creature that John Bruner saw. He and several members of his group were looking for Bigfoot in the woods while holding glow sticks, which is totally safe, right? Anyway, Bruner said that the creature was 8 feet tall, had different facial features, and could run faster than any human could. Also, the creature apparently had no hair and a flat nose.

Was a picture taken? Most likely not. But to be fair, I didn’t have a camera during some of my most remarkable experiences.

I don’t know what Bruner and Bigfoot 911 saw. It’s interesting considering that there are a lot of sightings in North Carolina. There’s even a museum in Littleton, NC dedicated to Bigfoot and cryptozoology. But with all of the technology we have today, why haven’t we caught a satellite image of Bigfoot at the very least? I remain skeptical, as you can see. But I’m doing my best to keep my mind open. It’s hard to even take DNA samples of unknown furs and cells because we don’t have a baseline for the creature. Yet, if Bigfoot is real, I hope it’s happy with its little Bigfoot family and eluding hunters like ninjas. Otherwise, the mystery will be solved, and I have a feeling the fun may get sucked out of it.

So to any cryptozoologists, Bigfoot 911, believers, etc: Good luck out there, and don’t hurt whatever you find!