We’ve all been there when it comes to having lost loved ones in our dreams. Some will say that it’s our loved one actually visiting us while we snooze. Others will say it’s all in our mind and that we’re projecting our stress, thoughts, and more and they come across as symbols. I have always been fascinated by dreams because my dreams seem to come true.

I started journaling my dreams about 5 years ago when I started getting massive deja vu. This had been happening for a while. But not only did I feel like I had been somewhere before, I could pinpoint where I had the experience…in my dreams. My dream journal is full of writing as well as sketching, since I work from a more visual aspect. I’ve discovered that when I have those deja vu moments, dream journaling gives me a reference point. I’ve actually started to digitize my journal and categorize them for certain situations. Think of it like tagging a blog. If I see a certain thing that I remember from a dream, I can easily access my previous entries. I’m straying from the point. In short, I’m keeping track of my dreams.

I don’t want to pull the “dead mother” card so people won’t contest or discuss other alternatives with me. So, I’m going to approach this objectively as best I can. My birthday was recent, and the day before the big milestone, I put it out to my mother that I wanted to see her. She doesn’t always appear when I do this. I’m not saying it is actually her in my dreams. Perhaps it is my mind creating her image and personality, thus giving me the chance to talk to her in some form. What interests me is the fact that our conversations are very organic. She ended up appearing my dreams after the clock struck midnight on my birthday. Our conversation? She asked me how Christmas was and she wanted to know how the family was doing.

But I’d be withholding information if I didn’t mention that Rue McClanahan also made a very brief appearance. She was also my mom’s favorite Golden Girl so I wouldn’t be shocked if they actually met up in the afterlife.

Anyway, as mentioned before, my mother doesn’t always make these appearances. Lately, she seems to appear on significant days…last she made herself known was on Mother’s Day. That alone was an interesting experience…was it her? I sure hope so.

That hope can be both a positive and negative thing. I am not so desperate to see and talk to my mom that I will chalk up every dream and abnormal thing as a visit from her. I also don’t want my team members to enable me in that way, and thankfully they won’t. While I try not to enable people in this area, I have learned to tow the line letting people believe what they believe unless it is causing harm to their quality of life.

Dreams are an amazing field of study. There are so many variables that can explain why we see certain things in our dreams. Of all the crazy explanations…I truly hope that it’s really my mom I’m talking to.