This week, I want to put something out there for discussion: When we go out on a paranormal investigation, we seem pretty confident that we know who (and what) we’re trying to communicate with. Well, maybe we’re confident 50% of the time. It’s likely that the statistic is smaller than that. However, we try to establish communication based on whatever history we can dig up on a location. Granted, this is what we’re supposed to do. We want to know who we’re talking to and know the contextual information so that we can continue the conversation with some knowledge about the time period and the life of that person.

How Far Do We Go Back?

But is it possible we’re engaging with someone (or something) from even earlier in time? For example, we know the history of the Trivette Clinic from 1932 on. But what about pre-1932? What was happening on the land 100 years before? Or even 1000 years before? Why do we limit ourselves to what we can only find on websites and in the history books? Granted, this is a realm of paranormal investigating I have not engaged in yet. In fact, it’s an older thought I’ve had which was reintroduced to me at the recent Trivette Clinic investigation by one of our attendees.

I must confess that this pondering is not my own. I was first introduced to researching the layers of a haunting by none other than John Sabol. If you’re not familiar with his work, I highly recommend visiting his website and checking out his books. Their fantastic, and it has truly opened my eyes to a method that makes sense in my eyes.

Even the land you’re standing or sitting on right now as you read this blog has a history. To us, it might be just a slab of concrete or a patch of asphalt, or even just a patch of grass. But we truly don’t know what was happening on that spot over 1000 years ago.

For areas that have more paranormal activity, why limit ourselves to just the last few hundred years? What is something happened on these haunted locations centuries ago that started to attract paranormal activity in that area, and we just think the events of the standing building are responsible for the haunting?

Hitting the Books

In order to embark on this thought properly, we need to get acquainted with our knowledge of history and anthropology. I would love to see if there are correlations with trends in ancient history and a haunted location. Ideally, what if there was something, let’s say a ritual, a spell, an alien visitation 5,000 years ago, something…happened on the spot where a haunting stands today? Or, what happens when a more recent haunting or energy imprint lingers in an area where a great battle happened 155 years ago?

This goes into an area of paranormal research where the single trunk splits off into hundreds of tiny branches. But I truly believe that if we keep testing and experimenting new investigation methods, we’re going to find something that eventually sticks. That might involve digging deeper into the layers of history and see how far into the past we can go.