In the two years I have been investigating with APS, I have had two experiences of stories being told through shared feelings of pain. We are taught as young children to share. We do this throughout our life. But I had not really given thought to how much of that goes with us when we leave this physical world.

My first experience of a story being relayed to me through pain was at St. Albans. It was with a young woman who suffered headaches. As she approached me, not only was I noticing the cold on my right side, I was also getting a headache in my right temple. It wasn’t mine, that was certain. As I sat there and listened to her, asking her questions, we were getting accurate responses on the Ovilus we were using. I have had migraine headaches since I was 15 years old, so I know my headaches. That morning I woke up with a headache in my right temple, but I didn’t bother taking anything for it, it simply went away.

My second experience was this past Saturday night during a second investigation at the Trivette Clinic. We went to the second floor to begin our investigation that night. After settling down, I noticed a dull ache under my ribs on the right side, then it was suddenly a sharp stabbing pain. I excused myself and walked outside holding my side. As soon as I walked through the front door the pain stopped. After going back in to rejoining the group, I sat down on the floor and it immediately started again. There was no dull ache, but rather a full on stabbing pain. I went back outside for the second time, the pain stopping immediately after going through the door. When I again went back inside to rejoin the group, the pain started half way up the staircase, but this time I connected with a man. After returning and siting back down on the floor, the pain was so intense I could barely breathe. When we started asking questions, we got some amazing responses. The pain was so intense that I began asking him to please stop hurting me. I also stated I had not given him permission to touch or affect me. The pain started easing up immediately. During this time, we were able to obtain some amazing communication through the spirit box.

Thinking back on both events, I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to hear their stories. I am also glad I can differentiate what belongs to me and what belongs to them. I am always open to hear what a spirit has to say, but I also understand how they choose to share it with us is not always up to us. Unlike the event at St. Albans, at Trivette Clinic I had nothing going on physically to warrant the pain I experienced during this event.