It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is upon us, followed by the day of the dead. I’ve heard from psychics, witches, healers, ministers and paranormal investigators throughout the years; the veil is thin this time of year. Yes, I have had experiences this time of year and every other time of the year. But what makes this time of year so special? Is it Halloween? Is it Samhain? Is it the day of the dead? All of it perhaps, and the expectations. Could it be that we are more perceptive due to the Holidays, symbology and the feelings we conjure up?

It’s spooky, it can be exhilarating and fun. I also know for some it can be terrifying. There are some spirits I would love to have visited me, lost loved ones, ancestors, some of my favorite musicians, historical people I admire. I’m not one to encourage them, I do occasionally ask God, the Angels, and my deceased family members for a sign. I sometimes talk to them. I sometimes pray and ask for signs. But!! you never know who or what is going to come through. This is true and we all in the paranormal know this.

Protect yourselves no matter if you are asking for a sign or going on an investigation or to a historically haunted location. Especially during these thin veiled months. Whatever prayers, methods, or beliefs use them to protect yourself. Pray for protection before, during and after. Carry spiritual protection tools with you always, even if its only one item. Spiritual attachment is very real and not always easy to shake. With all the information online, find a source you are comfortable and familiar with.

It may be fun and interesting but take the protection part seriously. If all of a sudden something feels off, and it’s not just fake Dracula hiding behind the door at the Haunted House, its after you go home, a week later, something isn’t quite right.

I’ve always been one drawn to anything haunted. I have to check it out! For decades I have been this way. All it takes is one bad experience and it sticks with you, literally!

In Manchester, New Hampshire a 53-year-old woman named Lisa O’Connor has had paranormal experiences off and on since she was around seven years old. From 1996 through 2012 she lived in a home with lots of paranormal activity. Around 2005 she became interested in the paranormal after having so many experiences. She started watching lots of shows on the subject and also reading. As terrifying as some of the experiences were, having three children and a husband who worked two evening jobs, she had to be strong and tough. She even did some amateur investigating. Since she moved to her new home the experiences have become infrequent. She also has more time for herself now that her children are grown. She has written a few things but would like to share her story and help people that are being haunted. For more information about Lisa, please visit