Here is part two of Amy’s compelling experience. You can read part one here.

Being raised that a faith community was very important, I tried very hard to maintain a normal routine.  I just did not feel that it was fulfilling me as it should. Plus, I tried traditional churches and finally came to one that was a “come as you are” church.  I fit in for a while, but that was when I was starting to really embrace my abilities. Soon enough, the community and I were not compatible. I have, since then, worked with many spiritual people One stands out to me — he was very respectable and said he believed in my abilities but was not educated enough to guide me. 

Embracing Acceptance

Once I decided to embrace my abilities and after much prayer and support of my very close loved ones, I began to have the ability to see spirit along with the already sensing that they were there or talking to them. 

One night while cooking, I was meditating and praying. I asked God to help me handle my abilities correctly and without judgment. We lived between two funeral homes in a small town. I noticed that there was a line of spirits going from the front door to the back door and a line passing them going from the back door to the front.  None of them acknowledged me — they just showed themselves to me. I stood in awe for a moment. There was much work ahead of me in the name of God. I was to help others, living and dead.  

A few days later I drove past a local cemetery. I did this most days of driving in our small town. But this day was different.  Each grave had the person’s spirit standing on it and they all acknowledged me. As if to say “Hello, this is my grave”. They would go back to where ever they were after I drove off.  I would look over my shoulder and the cemetery was empty. It was as if God and the spirits were welcoming me slowly.  

Still Faithful

God is a big part of who I am and how I make my decisions. I pray every day for clarity and guidance and the ability to accept the things that scare me.   After the experiences I’ve had, I would never turn my back on anyone because their belief is different from mine. I will, however, cut all communication with someone who completely disrespects me or my abilities. Plus cause issues in my life.  Moreover, I can love people from afar. But do not have to put myself in a situation that is mentally unhealthy for me. I can feel love for others but not tolerate abuse from people. I am living up to the standards God placed before me and what I am to do.  

Breakdown of My Gifts

So let’s get into the abilities or gifts as I call them.  I believe we all have many gifts, and I have the ability to see and speak to the spirit.  I see them as real people but the energy is different. It is alive but not vibrant like the living.  I see their memories and feel their pain, and have the ability to see past lives. This means I can see who you were when you lived, how many lives you have lived, and how many you have left.  Also, I can tell you some of the lessons you need to learn in this life.

But as a truly spiritual person, I cannot take away the lessons you need to learn on your own. I know what I can say and not say, what you need to know to grow, and what you need to learn on your own.  Physically, I can hold items of a person and tell you what they look like or what they are like. I have thought about helping police with investigations, but I am not sure my assistance would be accepted.

Different Abilities

I am an empath.  Hardcore on this one.  I feel everything and read thoughts and know when people are lying.  Also, I can see orbs without any cameras and I can see auras. I am still educating myself on that one.  Also, I have premonition dreams and knowledge.

I know what each person takes to awaken them to their gifts.  My main job is to teach others how to awaken and use their gifts in the best way possible. I can help spirits cross over, and I have had Jesus himself appear in two situations.  Not for me, but for the spirit I was helping.

I can see evil in people, and know if someone is possessed. I see demons and know their origins like if they’re manifested by humans or actual demons. Plus, I can see the evil intentions of others. Besides, I know when they are planning underhanded things. I know when things are going to happen, good or bad. I see the big picture and still know that I have to go through the situation to come out the other side more educated. 

Mission in Life

My true passion is helping.  I love to help spirits give messages to their loved ones.  Plus, I love to help others embrace their gifts and send them on their journey to help others.  Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to sit in a room full of gifted people and just have an open conversation.  I want to learn how others use their gifts and tell my story and see if anyone deals with things like I do or if I could improve in some ways.  

I have always known that I am a servant — a behind-the-scenes servant. Additionally, I am a fixer, not a healer.  I know some healers, and they amaze me with their gifts. I like to sit and talk to people — to listen and throw out ideas and advice that I have learned.  A wise medium once said, “Take what you need and leave the rest.” Also, not everyone will do things the same. Things I do may not work for someone else. But one thing I do may help them grow and enhance their gifts. It’s the same for me with what they tell me.