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The Civil War pinned brother against brother, and countless lives were lost during this chaotic, violent, and tragic period in American history. Thousands of souls from this time are still believed to wander the Earth because of unfinished business. Sadly, many of the souls of these lost soldiers never got a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. Hence to why the Spiritualism movement rose to such prominence as families yearned for closure. Informal Paranormal was thrilled to talk to author Michelle L. Hamilton about Civil War ghosts and hauntings.

About the Guest

Michelle earned her MA in history from San Diego State University. Hamilton is the author or editor of several books including “’I Would Still Be Drowned in Tears’: Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln’s White House” and “Mary Ball Washington: The Mother of George Washington”. Her latest book is “Civil War Ghosts” published by Haunted Road Media. A lifelong student of history, Michelle has worked as a docent at several museums across the county. She is currently the manager of the Mary Washington House in Fredericksburg, VA. You can follow her at her blog Paranormal History at