You may have read our article from 2018 titled, “10 Self-Care Tips for the Paranormal Investigator.” This article several tips on how to keep yourself happy and healthy during your own investigations. But there’s another level of self-care to protect your well-being while on a case when you’re a psychic medium.

Please, keep in mind that this advice cannot replace professional medical advice or treatment.

Energy Overload

Intuitive gifts can present themselves through clairvoyance (clear-seeing), claircognizance (clear-knowing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), empathy (feeling emotion and energy), or any combination of these and more. As a psychic (or psychic medium); we open ourselves up to and take on lots of extra energy during paranormal investigations.

Taking in all of this extra energy allows us to intuit information that may not be received otherwise. But it can cause some side effects – ranging from mild to pretty harsh.

Some of the side effects of energy overload that I’ve experienced are:

  • General confusion and lack of focus.
  • Physical ailments such as nausea, headache/migraine, muscle pain, exhaustion, dizziness.
  • Emotional ailments such as depression, anxiety, and overwhelm.
  • Psychic blocks preventing the use of abilities.

Psychic Self Care

I’ll admit that it’s taken quite a bit of trial-and-error over the years to find what works best for me. Because we’re all different, some of these tricks may not work for you. Maybe even none of them. If you have any intuitive abilities showing up, I 100% encourage anyone to explore these. Also, explore other options for self-care and protection.

My Tips for Preparing/Protecting Yourself Before and During an Investigation:

  1. Get Grounded: If there is only one take away from this article I truly hope its this! Grounding techniques are, by far, the most important tool you can carry in your psychic protection tool bag. Being grounded is good practice for everyone. But its especially important for psychics to stay grounded because. As we open our higher chakras to take in the energy around us, we can become imbalanced and unstable. Grounding into our lower chakras and the earth help keep us leveled out. Here’s a link to tips on grounding:
  2. Energetic Protection: A common practice in the psychic medium commnunity is to envelope oneself in a protective energy field. This is a protective forcefield, so to speak. You can do this by envisioning yourself surrounded by something that makes you feel safe – whether it be light, a bubble, a wall, etc. My go-to is either white or lavender light. White light when I want to totally protect myself and keep everything out. Lavender light when I want to let energy in but keep any negative energy away. I picture this light coming down from above, entering the top of my head, filling my body. Then, overflowing from my body to surround me and my energy field.
  3. Setting Boundaries: Just like we set boundaries with the living – we can, and should, set boundaries with spirit. Because we are able to sense/see/communicate with spirit, we can sometimes attract spirit activity when we would rather spend our time doing something else. Before going to an investigation its useful to make your boundaries clear from the start. I let it be known, very clearly, that no spirit or energy is allowed to cause me harm. It cannot attach itself to me or my loved ones, or follow me home.
  4. Affirmations: I find positive affirmations to be extremely helpful during investigations. It’s a reminder that I am in control of my energy. It lets me know that I am safe and that my boundaries and forcefield are in place to keep me safe.
  5. Take breaks when needed: Don’t be ashamed of taking a break when you need one. Taking in all of this energy takes a toll. It’s absolutely understandable that you may need to step aside to breathe and re-ground yourself.

I hope these tips help you during future paranormal investigations!