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Good news: Foo Fighters’ new album is complete!

The crazy news: Apparently a ghost was haunting the recording session!

If you’re like me and you’re a 90’s kid, then you’ve probably heard at least one song by Foo Fighters. I’ll admit that my undying crush on Dave Grohl matches my love for this band. My heart skips a beat when I hear “Evermore” because it brings back some amazing memories of my childhood and teen years. Imagine my delight when I rant into a story by NME and say the word, “ghost” in the headline.

I’ve always been intrigued by celebrity ghost stories. There are so many stars and starlets that have had paranormal experiences. When they tell their stories, it makes us muggles feel a little less alone. In this situation, we have the entire band who encountered something odd while recording their tenth album in Encino, California.

The Story

Was their first mistake recording in Encino, California? I kid. As a California kid from San Diego, I can’t miss a chance to jab at Encino. In fact, when I started APS in San Diego in 2011, we had quite a few case submissions from Encino. There were so many that I thought someone from the town was pranking me, or there was something really weird going on.

When Foo Fighters chose a 1940’s house in Encino for their recording location, it didn’t take long for them to realize that something was off. Their instruments, specifically the guitars, became out of tune. Even more frustrating, tracks that they were recording were mysteriously being deleted from the program, Pro Tools. Dave Grohl was quoted saying, ” “We started working there and it wasn’t long before things started happening. We would come back to the studio the next day and all of the guitars would be detuned.”

Well, that’s weird. I admit that sometimes I would get away with not tuning my guitar for a few days. This was back when I was playing more regularly. A guitar (at least a good guitar) shouldn’t fall out of tune THAT fast. The cheap ones? Sure. I imagine that Foo Fighters have a pretty big instrument budget. So, I doubt it was the manufacturer’s error. Well, unless something was really off with the climate of the house that made the guitars “detune.”

Grohl also said that settings on the board would be switched back to zero. Plus, there were tracks added that weren’t originally there before. Oh, how I would LOVE to listen to those tracks!

Trying to Solve the Mystery

Grohl and the rest of the band finally had enough. They brought in a nest cam to see if they could catch who or what was messing with them. Around the time they were starting to question their sanity, apparently amazing stuff was happening on camera that they couldn’t explain.

The band then started researching the history of the house. When they approached the owner, he made the band sign a non-disclosure agreement. Why? Because he was trying to sell the house. According to Grohl, there were multiple occurrences that made the band want to finish the album as quickly as possible.

If you’re a paranormal team located in or around Encino, you might have a case coming up soon. Maybe Foo Fighters won’t be your client, but you’ll get to see where they recorded their latest album!