What is your perception of Evil?

Is it the devil, demons, aliens the supernatural?

Is it people, disease, famine and despair?

Is it witchcraft and curses? Gambling, violence, war and drugs?

Is it all of these things?

Where does Evil come from? Is it man-made or otherworldly? I often wonder. When I was about eight years old in the seventies, I went with my Mother to visit a friend of hers.I believe her name was Bonnie. Her friend lived in a two bedroom apartment not far from where we lived. My brother who was about four was playing with Bonnie’s son about the same age in the living room which was open to the kitchen. Bonnie had the tea kettle heating on the stove and was getting cups from the cabinet. On her counter next to where she was standing was a book, The Exorcist.

My Mother started to ask her about the book because the movie just came out in theaters. Bonnie started to tell her all the creepy details and the tea kettle was whistling. So, Bonnie served the tea and sat down and continued telling my Mom about it. As they were talking, the book that was at the opposite end of the counter from the stove caught fire. Bonnie got up and threw the book in the sink and turned the faucet on. Luckily no damage. We were all shook up to say the least. My Mother, as graciously as possible, said it was time to go and we high tailed it out of there.

I don’t think we ever visited Bonnie again.

Not because of Bonnie, but because of the book. My Mother was terrified for week. I think that was the first time I sensed Evil or what it represented. There could have been a logical explanation, but I don’t remember there being one. I never read the book and didn’t see the movie until I was in my late teens. To this day I can’t watch it. It bothers the heck out of me. I’ve had many, many paranormal experiences. I don’t know if it is because I am an extremely sensitive person.

I had haunted dolls as a child, I was told it was my imagination. I was sleeping over my Grandmother’s house one night I was in my early twenties. I took her to bingo and we just got back. She was upset because my Uncle’s girlfriend was really nasty to her, and they happened to be at bingo. My grandmother was sitting at the edge of her bed crying because this woman would verbally torment her. As I was consoling her we heard this loud pop, it was a wooden trinket box my uncle gave her. It exploded. I don’t just mean the top flew off, I mean exploded to shreds! We both freaked out. We both slept in the living room. My Grandmother, an old Italian, recited the Rosary until the morning.

When I lived in my first home I purchased in 1996, I had regular hauntings for sixteen years while raising three kids. At first I thought it was me, then the kids noticed it, other people noticed it. I started studying the paranormal back in the late nineties. The shows started coming out a few years later. Other than being pushed down my basement stairs, it wasn’t violent. Things would be moved, lights flickered, toys would talk and move when they weren’t supposed to. We got through it. When I bought this home the haunting stopped. I did some amateur paranormal investigations and house cleanings.

The last one I did was in the Spring of 2014. It was successful. It was a young family and the two-year old daughter couldn’t sleep because of something in her room. According my client her daughter would sleep about three hours per night and not nap. She took her to the pediatrician and the daughter checked out fine. The daughter would hysterically cry and scream man and point at the closest and window. When the parents would bring her into their room she was still inconsolable. When I got there I worked my way through the house and the last room I worked on was the daughter’s room. When I was finished as I was giving advice before I left the little girl fell asleep in her Mother’s arms. My adult daughter was with me and on the way home I told her I think we solved their issues but something within myself didn’t feel right. Something was off. I got home did a house cleansing and cleansed myself. My daughter was not affected.

At my place of work, I been dealing with this woman who desperately needed mental help. The following week she was committed finally for her problems. This was in April, work seemed much better without her around but I was overworked without her there and got horrible bronchitis, it took about two months to heal and then in July she came back, three of the seven people in the office were on vacation and when this woman came back she was not better. On the second day, she was screaming at me correcting my work, a coworkers work and standing over us. She was not a boss. I was in the field before she was born. I just up and left. The evil I felt from her sent chills down my spine. I found other jobs and in saying that it was one lay-off after another. I always had steady work so this was bothersome but I always had enough money for everything so I was still grateful. I still feel like I took something with me during that last house cleansing and all kinds of awful things have happened. But I protected myself and made it this far. I have an uncanny sense of discernment more than ever. I continuously protect myself. I’ve noticed that just going out in the world to work, grocery shopping, to a restaurant and even online. You have to spiritually protect yourself in whatever faith or method works best for you.

I guess it kind of answers my question.


In Manchester, New Hampshire a 53 year old woman named Lisa O’Connor has had paranormal experiences off and on since she was around seven years old. From 1996 through 2012 she lived in a home with lots of paranormal activity. Around 2005 she became interested in the paranormal after having so many experiences. She started watching lots of shows on the subject and also reading. As terrifying as some of the experiences were, having three children and a husband who worked two evening jobs, she had to be strong and tough. She even did some amateur investigating. Since she moved to her new home the experiences has become infrequent. She also has more time to herself now that her children are grown. She has written a few things but would like to share her story and help people that are being haunted.