When listening to people talk about the death of their loved ones and the possibility of life after death, I always hear the same type of statement, “Until we meet again”, “When I see you again”, etc. I have heard this from every person from super religious individuals to atheists. It confuses me because the same people that do not believe in spirits, ghosts, hauntings, or demons pretty much feel they will see their loved ones again. In my opinion this speaks volumes about what they believe in but when asked outright most people are skeptics about the possibility of anything paranormal. Some feel it’s “evil” or ungodly but will tell you in the same breath they know they will see people they love on the other side.

My experiences have convinced me that there is definitely more to us then cells and bones and we go on after our physical body dies.  To me, this is a fact. I have lost more people in my life than I would like to admit and have always felt the ones I have lost before them around when it’s getting close to their end. Sometimes it’s just a feeling, a scent, a whisper or a soft touch making sure I know that my people will not be alone in the transition to their afterlife. I have witnessed some who see the ones that have passed before them while on their deathbed but this always seems to be dismissed as a hallucination, the medication they are taking, or that the person is so out of it they don’t know where they are, etc.

I am certain that we are all shown signs that our family/friends come at our end, but aren’t acknowledged or get dismissed in fear of judgement from others. Why does what we feel get disregarded when so many people believe “We will meet again” after we pass? I look forward to seeing everyone I have missed so much in my life and hope to get answers to the questions I have carried around for years. Paranormal investigations have more than proven with hard evidence that there are spirits, ghosts, demons, angels. etc. Some choose to accept this evidence as fact and some just won’t accept it. Technology has given paranormal investigators ways to communicate and measure the afterlife to further prove it’s existence.  Whether you believe or not I am sure that our loved ones stand in line to greet us when we pass, show us the way and most importantly let us know they have always been with us. We take love with us to our next destinations and I look forward to seeing who is there to greet me when it is my time to crossover.