Do you have abilities?  Can you see and communicate with spirit? Do you see energy and auras? Can you read thoughts?  Look at an item or hold an item and tell that person’s story? 

I too have these abilities and more.

From the Beginning

When I was six years old, we lived in an older two-story house. Every night, I would hear someone walking up the stairs.  It always sounded like this person had on one high heel shoe and nothing on the other foot.  Each night, I would hear the person walk up the steps knowing that it was just myself and my parents in the house. My mom did not wear high heels.  As the footsteps got closer to the top step I would expect to see a lady appear. 

My bedroom door looked out onto the top step and landing of the staircase, each time there was no one there.  I really didn’t understand what was happening.  I thought things like this happened to everyone.  That was my first experience with the spirit world.

Why Do I Have Abilities?

I often wonder what the big picture to having abilities is and why many have them. Why do we need to have the ability to see and communicate with spirit? If they have passed on, then I was always taught that they went to heaven or hell.  As I have gotten older, I now know that this is not the case.  We as humans with so much going on in our daily lives. We forget that there is more than just us out there.  Life is more than us.  I do believe that we each have abilities and it is up to us to embrace them or ignore them.

I do my best to help others. But sometimes I like to sit and discuss with others like me. I have many questions and some answers of my own.

Why Does One Not Cross to a Peaceful Place and Stay? 

I think this is due to the fact that the physical body is gone but the spirit is still here and still feels and cares.  Spirits want to know that their loved ones are ok and they watch over them. On that same note, some people are mean in life and stay that way in death.  These I believe contribute to the negative spirits that are encountered sometimes.  

Why Do People Think This is Satan’s Work?

I think this is because people are scared of what they don’t understand.  I am a Christian woman. I believe and have God in my heart. I do not believe that I need to show a fake self in a building every Sunday in hopes of getting into heaven.  I do believe that we were made in the image of God and need to love and help each other.  

I am not your traditional Christian.  I believe there is a higher being and I believe there are demonic beings out there.  Unfortunately, I found both in Church.  I have spoken with many preachers and other religious people, some do very much believe that humans can have abilities.  Some, however, believe it is Satan at work. 

I happen to find myself in such a church and they condemned me a witch and threatened my life.  What Christian action there!

A Privilege and Honor

I find it a privilege and honor to have my abilities and the knowledge to use them. I have found that I am a teacher of the awakening.  I can help people awaken to their abilities and send them on their way to help others.  This is like teaching your kids something new then watching them take it and add their knowledge to it and grow.  

I believe we are here to help others, living and passed on.  The greatest feeling is seeing others grow and help others.  I am a servant by nature and a behind the scenes kind of person.  I want to do the work but stay away from the limelight.  I do like praise sometimes but I have encountered so many people who attack that I would rather not deal with the upset.

Moving Forward

I learn something new every new moon and my abilities enhance as well. Over the last 10 years since I have embraced my abilities and grown, I can see and talk to spirit.  I see them as I see other people just their energy is different.  Still living energy but not vibrant like the living.  I can see energies and orbs and auras.  I have premonitions and can hold items and tell you things about the owner. 

On the other side, I can see demons and know when a person is evil.  I also can know what others are thinking about.  I feel as if I am crazy sometimes because I thought all people were the same as me and have learned that they are not.  So much happens in my brain every day that most people can’t handle in their normal lives that don’t embrace their abilities.  

In a tarot reading years ago, I was told I am like a raven, I can fly on the outskirts of heaven and hell and come back to the living.  I believe this because I have seen the outskirts and know what is on the other side of the vail.  I am not allowed to enter because my body is not dead.  The hardest thing is the knowledge and not being able to always use it.  Knowing that people have to experience things on their own in order to grow.  All the while I can see what is going to happen.  Most people don’t listen anyway so I just let them learn on their own.

Bringing Up the Next Generation

I love teaching others how to open up and embrace their abilities. It is a duty but so much enjoyment comes from being able to do what I do.  I love going on investigations with our paranormal team, interacting with spirits, learning their stories and helping if I can or just acknowledge them.  Plus, I can go to Walmart and see so many spirits with their loved ones.  

I know who to stay away from because I sense they are not nice at all.  It has kept me safe.  In life, there are many believers and nonbelievers.  It is hard to deal with people who are not wanting to learn but keep asking questions, or the ones that say “You should have seen that coming”.  I saw it but it had to happen.

Lifting the Veil

My life is a lot of unanswered question in a world where there is nothing proven to any of the abilities I have.  The world is opening up more and more every day. But there will always be those who will fight you 100% of the way just so they do not have to feel uncomfortable.  I believe we have to support each other and stick together and lean from each other.  There are so many people with so many levels of abilities out there that it may be over whelming.  But so worth the knowledge and friendship established.

There are so many questions that I still don’t have answers for.  It would be great to sit down with others like me that could give insight into the things I myself am not sure of.  I am in search of others who are on a higher level than myself and talk.  I try my best to help where I can and help people understand. 

Sometimes it is in vain, but this is who I am, and I am not changing.

What are your abilities and how do you help others?