This is the third and final part of a series by APS Lead Medium, Amy Hudson. To read part one, click here. For part two, click here.

Some spirits are with me often —  my Aunt Nelda, my Grandma McElroy, and my Grandfather Hudson (Pop).  My aunt and grandma were both very special to me. Both were living angels in my life and Guardian Angels in the spirit world for me now.  Now my Pop, well in life he was not the happiest man or nicest one either to me.

We had our bonding times over the years, and the most important thing I ever heard him tell me was before we begin to work the ground for the garden, we must first thank the Indian Chief for use of his land. I could feel there was an older soul there, but never saw it until years later after Pop passed,  I decided to have a garden there, and I saw the Native American Chief. I thanked him for the use of his land and asked for healthy crops. We had a good garden that year. Maybe that is where I get the ability to embrace my gifts because my granddad knew he had some too.  

Seeing Loved Ones

The first time I saw my aunt, I was in the beginning stages of learning how to understand and master my gifts.  She was so happy that I could communicate with her. When I first saw my Grandma it was when my mom fell and broke her hip.  I was a Grandma’s girl until she passed. I was sad for so long over her passing away.

When I saw her in that hospital room, the tears were hard to hold back.  I am tearing up now talking about her. I just want to crawl in her lap and sit and talk like we did when I was little. She always checked on her kids, which were grown and had kids of their own. When my Aunt Judy, Uncle Jerry, and Uncle Eddie each passed away, she was there to greet them and take them to the light.  

Now my Pop —  well, I thought that when he passed away, he may not make it to the pearly gates.  I was wrong. I had a friend of a friend ask me to come to her house and walk through to see if I could see any spirits there. We heard there had been sacrificing in the house, and the people before had somehow trapped a lower-level demon. Being uneducated about those things, I said a prayer and left the house. 

Seeking Help

The next day I had some weird things happening in my house, and I called a friend for advice. She said it is probably that demon trying to attach to me and get out of the house it was stuck in. I had no idea what I had gotten into. Let’s just say Pop came to my rescue. He got rid of the demon and we had a long talk about things.  To this day, Pop has my back no matter what and helps me with things. There, too, I have lessons to learn so he helps where he can. In my younger years, I wish I had this “Pop,” but am thankful to have him now.

I have touched on as many educational things as I could to prepare me for meeting people of other religions and non-religions.  Because of this, I respect people and expect the same in return. I am always open to learning and have found out that the new moon either enhances my gifts or adds to them.  Now, wrapping my head around all this has been amazing and crazy and exciting all at the same time.

I find that the gifts come naturally; and I know how to use them on a basic level.  I have to practice to get better at them and truly master them. I will put myself in a crowd and just read each person., Every now and then, someone will sit near me and start talking.  Usually, they are either struggling with their gifts or a loved one has a message. I do enjoy what I do and hope I help others.

The Test of the Young Man

I find that when praying about my gifts that situations will be put in my path to test me or even make me really use what I have. It is awesome to have these gifts, but there are also times that I don’t like them.  Let me explain, a young man killed himself at the school my kids attended.

Well, I was one that could hear him and see him in death so he came to my house. I was off work that day, and the kids were at school. And I had just finished putting clothes away in my bedroom and came down the hall toward the living room, only to see a teenager on my oldest son’s bed. 

Of course, I stepped to the door and acknowledged him. He got up and was in front of me before I could blink. He was crying and very upset, saying “ I didn’t mean to do it.” I found out that day that my spirit could leave my body to hug and comfort this young man.

As I stood watching it happen, I was in shock and disbelief. I was also happy that I could comfort him this way.  (Also, I have now been able to love on my grandma since realizing I can do this.)

I comforted him and he asked me to tell his mom some things. Well, I can’t just go up to people and say what needs to be said and that it came from her passed son. This is my weakness. I told him to go to her in a dream and tell her everything.

After his funeral, he crossed over, and I have not seen him since.  I know that a lot of people do believe in my gifts, but I often seem to find the ones who do not and am working on that now. I know part of my work is to communicate with others. Not only am I helping them but also showing them that God still has a hand in all that is happening and still loves them. But I still have an issue with rejection.

Something Natural

I have found that my gifts come naturally to me and use them and one day think “wait, when did this start happening?”  I work on perfecting my gifts through practice and different situations. Plus, I also like to meditate.  For me, that is usually in a hot tub of water with all quiet around me and just letting my mind go.  My meditation tends to concentrate on my gifts and how they work. I practice some things, by sitting in a crowd of people and just observing. 

Other times I practice on those around me and see what happens. My favorite way to practice is to go on investigations with my paranormal team.  That for me is the best way to use all of them at one time. I enjoy communicating with spirit and learning about them. I also learn what I can and cannot do with my gifts in certain situations.  

Let’s say you want to be better at communication with spirits.  You would need to be where spirits are. Then you would figure out if you see them or if you see visions of them or about them.  You would try to hear them. I see them as people as I said before, just the energy is different. If you want to see auras, you would look at people and see what color outline they have around them. 

If you want to practice mind reading, then you would get a trusted person to think of things and you say what they are thinking. Unfortunately, there is not a science to this that puts us all on the same level.  Many are gifted in many ways. No two people are the same, not that I have found anyway.  

How to Awaken

How did I awaken?  Well, I began to see spirits but denied it.  A friend took me to a medium for fun, and she told me that I was struggling with my purpose and my relationship with God.  She said I had been attacked by those I trusted and had let myself go into a dark place. I was taught (wrongly) that mediums were evil and not of God.  She assured me that my faith in God would return and I had a job to do.

I was first shocked that she even talked about God or that she acknowledged his existence.  I was impressed. That made me think about who I am and what I need to do to help others. She told me that my aunt and grandma and Pop would be there always to help, and they have. What is interesting is the people I have met along the way.  Those who believe and those who do not, and even those who did not believe but had a message from a passed loved one that made them think twice. 

Personal Expectations

As I stated before, I am don’t always live up to the expectations of my community — I, unfortunately, have the mouth of a sailor. I have a good heart and I love to help where I can.  I have a heart for God and am willing to do his work wherever and whenever. God has put where I need to be and given me the strength to do his work for those who needed help as well as those in my path to help me.  

Teenagers seem to be awakening more lately too.  About six or seven years ago, I was blessed enough to have a few cross my path, and I was able to help them awaken.  Just recently, one of those sweet teens, now grown, thanked me. I had no idea I had helped as much as I did, and I take lessons from each situation and move on to the next. 

I know that one of my jobs is to teach those to awaken and let them grow and teach others. It is as if we are all in the same boat but have different skills to make the boat move.  We work together instead of against each other to make the boat move successfully. No one is better than anyone else, one just may have more knowledge than others. There again best quote ever, “take what you need and leave the rest.”  

Connecting with Others

I am impressed with anyone who has gifts and uses them.  I like to hear how they deal with situations and how their story started.  As I said, none of us are the same but all have much to bring to the table to learn from.  I would truly like to see the world understand the gifted and not judge. I

This life is a journey for me that will never end.  I never know where I will end up or who I may cross paths with next.  I have learned to trust God and where he puts me and hope he lets me experience true happiness and peace for a while.  To some, I look irresponsible and never keep a job very long or stay in one place too long. That is all true. I have every intention of sticking to the plan until that day that the plan shows itself and it is to move to the next place.  And I can say that at this point in my life, I am very happy, and have love and family and a roof over my head.

I learned a long time ago that material things come and go but those you love stay close. Also, I feel I am a small fish in a big pond just trying to make my small section happy and all those doing the same in their small places so we all make the pond a happy place.  I feel like there are so many people with so many gifts that we connect our energies and help along the way for things to be better for the next generation.